MPL ID Season 7: Evos Legends Wins Against RRQ Hoshi

All regular season matches in MPL ID Season 7 have ended. An exciting match comes from El Clasico between Evos Legends vs RRQ Hoshi.

The last match in the eighth week was decisive for the two teams, namely Evos Legends and RRQ Hoshi to secure the upper bracket position. When referring to the previous match, Evos Legends managed to beat the King with a score of 2 – 0.

This has become a whip for the spirit of the White Tiger to defeat RRQ Hoshi again. The following is a recap of the Evos Legends vs RRQ Hoshi match, summarized by detikINET from the MPL ID Season 7 broadcast on Youtub.

Alberttt himself relies on Bruno as a damage hero to deal with Ferxiic who uses Yi Sun-Shin. To be able to survive the interference of Evos Legends players, Vynnn uses Diggie not as a feeder, but as a tank with several skills that are quite helpful when in war.
In the first game RRQ Hoshi got the first pick, and they had a chance to secure Paquito who was played by R7. While the support hero they chose was Lunox to provide support to Alberttt, who was a jungler hero.

Their strategy of relying on Diggie as a tank and not a feeder has paid off. It was proven that RRQ Hoshi defeated Evos Legends in the first game, even though he was under pressure and lost the number of turrets in the early minutes.

The victory obtained by the King is not as easy as finishing off the minions. This is because, Evos Legends is very aggressive and objective.

Very aggressive in the first game, giving both teams a draw in the early minutes. RRQ Hoshi managed to excel in the number of kills, while Evos Legends managed to steal two of the King’s turrets.

Then the situation turned around when RRQ Hoshi managed to kill Yi Sun-Shin and get Lord in 19 minutes. Until finally the King managed to steal victory points in the first game of MPL ID Season 7 .

The extraordinary performance presented by Alberttt, made him the MVP player in the first game. He also contributed 9 kills and 3 assists.

Second Game

Unlike RRQ Hoshi, in the second game Evos Legends uses the Diggie feeder meta. The strategy they chose, required Evos Legends to hand over the kill advantage to the King in the early minutes. This is because with such a game concept, RRQ Hoshi will easily kill Diggie.

Despite losing the number of kills, Evos Legends managed to outperform the turret and gold points. It was proven from the first minute to the seventh minute, they managed to steal four turrets, two from the top lane and one from RRQ Hoshi’s bottom lane.

Not wanting to spend too long, Evos Legends tries to get Lord in 10 minutes without interference from opposing players. After getting the honorable Lord Lord, Sang Macan Putih immediately applied pressure through the top lane and mid lane which then succeeded in destroying the main turret in the 13th minute.

The second game was won by Evos Legends, and Clover was entitled to the MVP title by contributing 5 kills and 2 assists without being killed.

Third Game

Being a decisive match, the third game was fierce. Both teams provide excellent quality of play.

To avoid the pressure experienced in the second game, RRQ Hoshi had to be banned from Diggie and Change. Then choose Lancelot as the hero jungler.

Meanwhile, Evos Legends uses Roger again and secures Paquito as the hero side. Unlike their rivals who used two assassins, they preferred to use two mages and one support for the draft pick in the third game.

The objectivity of the King was enough to overwhelm Evos Legends. But with extraordinary teamwork, the White Tiger managed to turn things around.

The number of team kills that Evos Legends has increased after a series of blunders by the King. Like the second game, Evos Legends didn’t want to waste time and immediately secured the first Lord.

Evos Legends won the third game in 11 minutes, faster than the previous game. With his amazing game, Antimage has the right to become the MVP with a contribution of 5 kills and 7 assists.

El Clasico was won again by Evos Legends with a final score of 2 – 1. This result also provided a safe place for Evos Legends in the Upper Bracket with Onic in the MPL ID Season 7 playoffs .

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