Flashback to Marc Marquez’s Dramatic Race in Portugal

Marc Marquez is preparing for a comeback in the MotoGP Portugal 2021 , after being absent practically throughout last season and in the first two series this season.

Ahead of the Baby Alien comeback moment at Portimao at the MotoGP Portugal 2021 this week, the Repsol Honda rider had previously had a dramatic story when racing in Portugal years ago. To be precise in 2010.

At that time Marc Marquez was still appearing in the 125cc class. At that time, the Portuguese Grand Prix was still being held at the Estoril Circuit, not yet in Portimao as it is today.

Well, at that time Marc Marquez was also involved in a competition with Nicolas Terol to become the 125cc champion in the 2010 season. Marquez faced the race in Portugal with the upper hand because he had the momentum thanks to his three consecutive wins before the race.

However, drama arrived in Estoril when heavy rain forced the red flag to be raised on the track. Even though at that time Marquez was second on the track, behind Terol.

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Unfortunately for Marquez, he fell when he wanted to go to the grid for the next race. The motorbike had a problem. In the process, Marc Marquez had to start the race from the pit lane, behind the other riders.

Remarkably, the problems and obstacles in the end were successfully passed by Marc Marquez in an extraordinary way. He managed to dash and win in Portugal.

Finishing fourth in the next series, the season-ending race in Valencia, confirmed Marc Marquez to become the 125cc world champion in the 2010 season. It was the first world title in his career in grand prix motor racing.

According to detikers, will there be similar dramatic actions from Marc Marquez in the Portugal MotoGP race in 2021 this week?


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