Besides Ceramics, Here Are 5 Materials To Cover The Floor Of The House

Besides Ceramics there are many kinds of materials for coating floors, but the most popular is ceramic. The variety of motifs, sizes and textures makes many couples apply them to beautify the house.

Even though other types also have various advantages and textures. So it is not only to give a charming appearance but also to provide an element of comfort to coolness.

So, if you want to know anything, consider the following information, mom . So that the residence becomes more lively and of course.

Besides Ceramics, Here Are 5 Materials Alternatif

1. Parquet

For those who want to create a light and cool residence, you can try parquet floors. Because the material is real wood, it feels cooler. Various installation patterns, bringing a unique impression at home.

The first advantage is that it is easy to clean, the type of wood determines how long the floor can be sturdy and not damaged. And has an affordable price variant.

However, the lack of parquet flooring is quite slippery when exposed to water or milk spills, if the installation is not appropriate then it can cause noise when stepped on.

2. Vinyl

It is one of the popular materials for decorating walls, but did you know that vinyl can be a base for floors? This type of material, easy to apply so it does not require special services to coat it.

However, if one of the vinyls is damaged, it must be repaired in its entirety and of course also increases maintenance costs.

In addition, the vinyl top surface tends to be smoother when exposed to powder. So it is quite vulnerable for families who have babies or toddlers.

But calm down, vinyl still has the advantage of being resistant to water and scratches, termite-proof and lasting for decades if you choose high-quality.

3. Carpet

There are many types of carpets, but most of them have a soft texture. So it is comfortable to use when relaxing or gathering with family.

This material is very suitable, for young couples who have children. Because there is no need to worry, if the baby hits the floor.

Apart from providing warmth, carpets have many choices of motifs. So, you can be more creative in creating new nuances, in each room with the use of floor carpets.

Meanwhile, in terms of shortcomings, treatment must be done carefully. Because it is easy to get dirty, dust accumulates and does not last long.

4. Cement

Cement floors are often present in industrial or rustic homes for Besides Ceramics alternatifThe concept of the building is not finished, it does highlight the beauty of natural materials.

Not only saving costs, exposed cement floors can provide a cool and cool feel. So it is suitable to be applied in a tropical home.

In addition, there is no need to worry about maintenance, only need to clean and mop regularly, dust can disappear immediately.

Interestingly, cement has a small risk of being damaged. Resistance to high temperature and heat makes it durable even for several years into the future.

5. Marble

Creating a luxury home can be done Besides Ceramics by choosing the right material, one of which is using real marble floors.

The main advantage is of course the appearance of the house so it looks shiny and anti-dull. This is because the surface of the marble is indeed designed to be slippery so that the dust will not stick.

While the drawbacks, namely the installation process requires experts, the purchase cost is quite expensive because of the high quality.

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